EtherCAT problem2


I have read the pdf of project of 'an-r01an3169jj0110-rzt1-ethercat' and 'EtherCAT_SSC_DC'. Ihave compile and download programs success, but EtherCAT not success.

I want to know do I need to start peripherals or add other configurations based on the routine?

What is the EtherCAT debugging process like?How do I debug step by step?

Thank you

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  • Hi Chen,

    I recommend you to get the RTK7910022C00000BR board with R7S910017.
    And the difference between R7S910017 and R7S910035 is described in the TZ/T1 Group datasheet.

    The application note and sample program you downloaded were probably tested with the RTK7910022C00000BR board and are provided by Renesas "AS IS". You run it on a board whose specifications are unknown to forum readers, and just say "not success" without giving any detailed explanation.

    I don't know your situation, but I think the best thing a kind moderator can do is ask you to explain in more detail.