Missing keypad image/character while loading the page

Hi all,

We are facing issue on updating the keypad UI into the GUI, we observed missing of button/images while loading the page, kindly suggest the root cause for this issue and support

Please refer the attached image for reference.

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  • Hello Veer,

    to analyse the issue we need more information about the environment:

    - Guiliani version

    - short description of the GUI

    - hardware (esp. if custom hardware)

    - does this issue also appear in the simulation

    could you describe the circumstances? does the keyboard show completely AFTER the dialog transition has finished?

    is the character 8 currently in a special state (e.g. focussed) and are all images available during runtime?

    Best Regards,

    Guiliani Support

  • Hello Team,

    Guiliani version: 2.3

    Hardware: RZ/A1H

    This issue does not appear in the simulation.

    Yes, the keyboard shows completely After the dialog transition has finished.

    The '8' character is missing once in a while. After opening the page.

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  • Hello Veer,

    you could change the transition time or type to see if this changes the behaviour.

    Also check if all buttons in the keyboard have the same setting (images, fonts, colors, etc.)

    Unfortunately Guiliani 2.3 is no longer under maintenance. Please consider upgrading to the latest version or contact info(at)guiliani(dot).de to receive paid personal support via our maintenance contracts.

    Best Regards,

    Guiliani Support

  • Hi Team,

    Please provide the root cause for the previously mentioned issue.

    1. How we can change the transition time.
      1. In which section do we need to check. Either in GSE or application code.
      2. If it is in application code, please suggest where to increase the transition time.
    2. Yes, all buttons in the keyboard have the same setting (images, fonts, colors, etc.)
    3. Can we use the Guiliani 2.3 version license if we upgrade to the most recent version of Guiliani?
    4. Please provide documentation or a link on how to update from Guiliani 2.3 to the most recent version of Guiliani?