Zmod4410 ULP and first data read

I am building a custom PCB with a ZMOD4410 using the 2nd gen ULP library.
After the reply in this thread i have tried to use the ZMOD as follows to further conserve power:

  1. perform calibration (10 samples, 90 seconds apart)
  2. read first data ("11th sample")
  3. perform reset via gpio pin
  4. after one hour (brought down to three minutes during testing), go to 1

However i find that the first received data (point 2) is always the same, even if the sensor is in low air quality conditions. I was under the impression that the first ten readings served to calibrate the device (and thus the first "real" response from the IAQ calculation would return data regarding eCO2 and VOC actually in the air), however this does not seem to be the case.

After trying with the normal measurement method (ie: without the reset and wait), i saw the data (both CO2 and VOC) returned from the IAQ calculation started from the exact same values, but changed with subsequent measurements.

What i'm now wondering is.

  1. what does the calibration actually do, in regards to the first data output?
  2. is the first data output always the same (a sort of "default" value from which to start)?
  3. is it correct to do the calibration-read-reset-wait routine described above in order to conserve power or is the ZMOD sensor (or library) simply not meant to function in such conditions?
  4. if the answer to 3. is that ZMOD/Library is not meant/able to function correctly in the conditions described, are there methods in which i can obtain meaningful eCO2 and TVOC in a way that is overall less power consuming than the intended method of a sample strictly every 90 seconds? (battery life of this PCB is not a secondary concern to the design)

Thanks in advance