testing IPS2200

Hello all,

I am a programmer trying to dabble in electronics.  I got a junior PCB designer to put an IPS2200 and the generated wire pattern together with an MCU and a motor driver.  Some testing and consults later I discovered some big issues with the designer's work.  For example, the USB differential pair is ...not.  Also the SIN/COS coming out of the IPS2200 does not go into the ADC enabled pins of the MCU.  I've now got a laundry list of issues to fix with various parts of the PCB.  The only real mystery is the IPS2200 itself.

Before I pay PCBway to make another board for me I'd like to confirm that - everything else aside - the way I've got the IPS2200 laid out is good to go.  I've tried several ways to power the board and read the voltage of the SIN or COS lines as I move the interference disk over the coils.  I don't seem to get anything.  I've tried holding the board in reset so the MCU pins are floating.  I've confirmed there is signal coming out of the TX line into the coils.  Can you please help me?