ZMOD4410 for Armbian linux


I'm testing to use ZMOD4410 on Allwinner's H3 chip and I will make this library for python 3.10 using C extention.

The os is Ubunut-based Armbian, and the kernel version is 5.15.79-sunxi.

The sensor conection was successful using the Raspberry Pi's library(maybe..).

However, it does not progress in the cleaning phase.

It show just "Starting cleaning procedure. This might take up to 1 min..." and blocking forever.

If delete the cleaning step from the source code, it will output "Error : Sensor probably damaged. Algorithm results may be incorrect".

Is there any solution? I just need tVOC and eCO2 it self... with out any algorithm.

Fig. Enter the cleaning_run function.

Fig. Without cleaning_run function.

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