ZMID4200 through a Level shifter


I am trying to talk with the ZMID4200 using a RP20240 through the OneWire interface. Since the RP2040 has an IO voltage of 3V3, I'm using a level shifter (TXS0108E) between the two.
ZMID side is as follow
As a Test, I am trying to read the "factory traceability code 0" at register address 0x0F by sending 0xCF.
Without the ZMID, I can see the level shifter outputing a clear signal (CH1) between 0 and 5V.
But when I connect the ZMID, the analog output coming from it completely overpowers the level shifter output (image2). Since the sensor is midway, the value read is fixed at 2V5 with a slight interference from the level shifter.
Is there something I can do for the ZMID to stop outputting the analog signal? iI it even possible to use OneWire interface trough a level shifter?