Is it possible to change FS2012 flow sensor flow rate 0.015 to 0.001 and how?

The FS2012 flow sensor can measure flowrates from 0.015. But I want it to scale from 0.001. For that I have to put an amplifier at the output of the sensor and how much gain should be? I am working on this sensor for the first time, if anyone can help with this, it would be great.


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  • Hi RB,

    Thanks for the update. The flow rate (0.001 SLPM) is too small for the flow channel to FS2012. If you need these low flow rates, you might need to try the FS1100 (upcoming flow sensor) which is just the sensing element, and you have to design your own flow channel.

    We hope this clarifies your doubt. If you any further doubt, please feel free to ask. 



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