ZSSC3241 example of source code to interface MCU like PIC or STM

Is there a source code example how to interface the ZSSC3241  to MCU like PIC or STM or other.

Example that has initialization of the device, handshake, calibration routine etc.

Thank you.

  • Hi Elik,

    Thanks for reaching out to Renesas Engineering community. I will check internally with my team and will update you soon.



  • Hi Elik,

    Please see the response from factory apps teams:

    The basic information is available at our homepage please go through the datasheet link given below:


    and the evaluation kit description:


    We recommend usually to order a free kit and start evaluating the 3241s functions. 

    For the specific points:

    Initialization: Not needed after powering up the IC is in functioning mode and can be directly used for communication and measurements.

    Sample code for MCU: We don't have code samples for all MCU platforms. But it is quite simple, please use the standard I2C/SPI APIs of the applied controller for sending receiving commands and the according responses.  The commands required data and the expected response lengths are described in Table 34. Command List of the datasheet.

    Handshake: Not needed.

    Calibration routine: Please see details in the evaluation guide.

    We hope this clarifies your doubt. If you have any further question, please let us know.



  • Thank you.

    I have the evaluation kit for some time, but cannot figure out how to do the calibration.

    The document give the functionality of the kit menu and functions but there is no step by step how to do it physically, Do I have to create environment of the temperatures listed in the table of calibration?

    Also, I was not been able to write into the NVM, always when I try I git an error, The NVM is always 0 in all the registers.

    Is there a telephone support in USA?

    Thank you.


  • Hi Elik,

    Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, there is no call support, So, we would suggest you please create ticket for one-to-one support, in which respective application engineer will provide you dedicate support.

    Dashboard | Renesas Customer Hub



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