UART send a register value problem


           I am working on RL78/I1b (R510MMGD) controller.In Uart,UART_SEND() function(Inbuilt function) created by code generator.Above function send only char or string.for ex: R_UART1_SEND("hai",3). it will send hai perfectly.

i want to send RTC Registers value like SEC,HOUR,MIN,DAY,MONTH,YEAR.for ex:R_UART1_SEND("SEC",2). it wont send such a SEC register will send S,E,C.I also tried R_UART1_SEND(SEC,2). it will send three times NULL.

then i also separate the digits.for ex i got from SEC register as 25. i separated as '2' & '5'. i want to send that register value by using above function.

can u please suggest me,whether above function is enough to send register value (or) need to create separate function for send some values of variable. for ex: b=5 means i want to send 5,not 'b' (value of  'b' only need to send) by using R_UART1_SEND(b,1);