RTC not supported by Code Generator

Dear friends,

I am using CS+, i tried to generate code for RTC by code generator option, when am click the RTC icon tab it show like that all are disabled. Even though 

i selected "Use" option, but all other thing looks disable. My controller is RL78/G13  R5F100FA.

And this function is not automatically generated in code "R_RTC_Get_CounterValue(struct RTCCounterValue *counterreadval)".

  • Did you also enable fSUB in the Clock Generator >> Clock Setting section of code generator to run the RTC?

    Under Subsystem clock (fSUB) setting:

    Check the box for Operation

    Select XT1 oscillation (fXT)     (your circuit board needs to have 32768HZ resonator on MCU, XT1 and XT2 pins)

    Subsystem clock in STOP, HALT mode setting: Enables supply

    Under RTC and interval timer operation clock setting:

    RTC and interval timer operation clock: 32.768 (fSUB)     (kHz)


    Mike Clodfelter

  • Yes Thanks Mr.Mike Clodfelter,

    Actually i forgot to enable subsystem clock,

    ok now i enabled it, is i need to select INTRTC under RTC tab interrupt setting, if it means shall i choose 0.5s or 1sec interrupt.

    And one more doubt is am debugging it via simulator, but when am watching rtc_counter_value_t in  watch window , it shows only 00.00.00, no changes occur,Why?

    Thanks & Regards,