SCI I2C channel 7 Stop bit is not generated on RX71M board

I am using RX71M board I2C interfacing with UC1601S LCD, It is working fine, But after some time I2C not able to generate STOP bit (check attached image). I am using Renesas driver code for this.


START Bit: Before generation of START bit I2C driver checking SDA + SCL pin status But here SDA line low  and this is a problem. Driver returning busy at this time (Because last STOP bit is not generated)

during this time I tried to do a forceful generation of STOP BIT, but this too not working (not able to generate bit)

Then I ignored the status of SDA line before START bit generation and tried to communicate with LCD this works okay

Is there any chance my LCD not allowing SDA line to change or LCD taking control of SDA line ?




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