Unable to access Code flash memory beyond 64K for R5F10PLJ


Error[e18]: Range error, Limit exceeded

Where $ = OS_FifoSys_PushBack + 0x3A [0x138D5]
in module "os_fifo_sys" (out/hkp/lib/os.r87),
offset 0x3A in segment part 3, segment XCODE
Allowed range: 0x0 - 0xFFFF
Operand: MCU_OS_PERFORM_RESET [0x13cb2]
in module sys_virtual_irq_frames (out/hkp/lib/sys_mgr.r87),
Offset 0x0 in segment part 9, segment XCODE
make: *** [out/hkp/bin/hkp.ptp] Error 3

I'm facing above mentioned error while compiling, error seems to be with allowed range that's  only 0xFFFF(64K) though we are explicitly mentioned segment as Xcode which ranges to beyong 64K[-P(CODE)XCODE=[09300-35FFF]/10000]...

could some one help me for accessing the far memory segment for R5F10PLJ (Falsh memory: 256K)  

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