__near area and __far area mistake in the assemble code ?


  thses days i built a project for RL78 with the IDE cs+,this project is very easy that i send a const characters (const unsigned char test = "test";)in the 100ms interval timer interrupt, but i find that the characters cant be send out . i debug the program with assemble code , i found that the code is:

MOVW DE, #2002H        MOVW BC,#4H       MOVW   A, #0FH    CALL    !!_R_UART2_Send     

when i put the send code in the main routine ,the assemble code is:

MOVW  DE,#2002H        MOVW BC,#4H       CALL !!_R_UART2_Send.

the result is that code in main routine can run success,but in the interrupt routine cant.as i know,all the interrupt routine code are stored in the .text section and the main routine were stored in the .textf section, but it cant explain that const characters cant send out in the interrupt routine.anybaby can help me?thank you!

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