Is there a fix for mbed export to e2studio?

Exporting from mbed to e2studio is broken. Is there a fix for this in the works?

I have e2studio v6.2.0. There are a lot of compile errors; it seems, so far, they are missing include files. When I add a particular include file to the include path, another one pops up on a subsequent recompile. This goes on and one dozens of times. After a while, I gave up as it was getting really tedious.

I have tried to export several mbed/GR-PEACH projects. They seem to have this same export problem. Two of them are: GR-PEACH_HVC-P2_sample and GR-PEACH-blinky

Also, I followed this as well: and that didn't help the situation.

The target cpu is the RZ/A1H.

The target board is the GR-PEACH.