50% Discount Coupons for AE-CLOUD1, WiFi Module, SEGGER Debugger, and S5D9

Coupons are available for 50% off the AE-CLOUD1 Kit, AE-Wi-Fi module, S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit and SEGGER J-Link debugger. You can apply the coupon to multiple Renesas products in the same shopping cart. You can also buy multiple units of the same product to save on shipping costs. 

To get a coupon, send a note to Jesse Casman (jcasman@oppkey.com).



We have a lot of development tutorials for the S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit that is included with the AE-CLOUD1 kit. If you already have a S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit, you can buy the WiFi module or debugger separately and connect them to your existing board. You will need the debugger to use the binary that allows the WiFi module to connect to the IoT Sandbox.  See the article Renesas AE-CLOUD1 Factory Reset article to change the binary on your S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit to the binary that shipped with the AE-CLOUD1 kit.

To get a coupon, send a note to Jesse Casman (jcasman@oppkey.com). 

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