HD6473048F16 rom read & write

I must replace an existing, already programmed, HD6473048F16 because output ports are dead.

I'm building adapter from QFP100 to DIP32 as described in datasheet so later I desolder ic and insert in QFP100 socket to read in my eprom programmer.

I know I have to set programmer as HN27C101 eprom, disabling ID Check, but reading datasheet, it says

"Do not select page programming mode. A PROM programmer that
supports only page-programming mode cannot be used. When selecting a PROM programmer,
check that it supports a byte-at-a-time high-speed programming mode. Be sure to set the address
range to H’00000 to H’1FFFF."

But "page programming mode" or "byte-a-time mode", don't appears in any of prom programmers I seen.

Page programming mode is a setting releted to flash devices, not to (e)prom devices, in my esperience!

So, when I get a blank HD6473048F16, how I must proceed? Can I write it as a common HN27C101 (12.5v programming) as usual?

Thanks in advance