R5F6411FNLG programming help needed

Dear friends , hello to all :)

i need your knowledge about R5F6411FNLG processor.

My problem is my cameras firmware update failed and i bricked a lens olympus 12mm

and olympus software not dedects lens no more and no way to use olympus software.

i checked inside mcu is R5F6411FNLG , i have segger jtag but this mcu is not in list.

camera pinout is attached and i have firmware file.

How can i programme this file to my lens back? OL103011.rar

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  • The hardware user's manual I mentioned earlier says exactly which pins to use for serial mode programming.

    Elnec do not have an adapter for R32C/111 in LGA package. They support it only in QFP.

    From Segger only Flasher 5 supports programming of R32C in serial mode.

    You can build an own adapter so you can use the PC UART and don't need a programmer hardware. Use Standard Serial Mode 2, which is using UART. Place a MAX232 or similar between the PC UART and R32C to adjust the signal levels. A long time ago there was a Mitsubishi MF-TenNine cable as adapter. I attach the circuit diagram for it.

    As software you should use Renesas FDT. This incudes support for R32C.