R5F6411FNLG programming help needed

Dear friends , hello to all :)

i need your knowledge about R5F6411FNLG processor.

My problem is my cameras firmware update failed and i bricked a lens olympus 12mm

and olympus software not dedects lens no more and no way to use olympus software.

i checked inside mcu is R5F6411FNLG , i have segger jtag but this mcu is not in list.

camera pinout is attached and i have firmware file.

How can i programme this file to my lens back? OL103011.rar

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  • Sorry, I cannot answer the question about the programming software as I (a) am not sure which software you use and (b) don't know your memory dump.
    I assume you mean FDT software. The message window should say which memory areas have been read like this:
    FCF Settings Applied: R5F64535, (C:\Tool\Renesas\FDT4.09\kernels\ProtD\R5F64535\Renesas\1_0_00\)
    This kernel will set the E2 Data Flash as ECC OFF
    Opening file Z:\_SharedDirectory\WorkSpace\FDT\1MB_FFF00000.mot
    File loaded: 0xFFF00000 -> 0xFFFFFFFF [User Flash]
    File loaded: 0x00060000 -> 0x00061FFF [Data Flash]
    File loaded: 0x00062000 -> 0x00063FFF [E2 Data Flash]
    ID Code = 0xC3 0x46 0x0F 0x85 0x70 0xF4 0x4E
  • Can u please mark to me rx and tx pins from picture :(

    Because im very confused about pinout :(

    Left down side is dot of mcu also xtal position is clear at pic down.

    Thank you already

    <a href=''><img src='' type='image'></a>

  • I'm sorry, where is the problem?
    RxD is P6_6 and TxD is P6_7 which are not too difficult to find in the pin map I sent earlier.
  • i connected them and no connection. reset pin low , all vcc and vss pins are conected . im using software which u send me .
    are there any development board i can buy, maybe i will change mcu and programme there. or any other solutions do u have for me?
    also for new mcu i couldnt find seller
  • There has been a starter kit for R32C/111, but nothing for a chip in LGA package.
    Important pins for mode selection are ports P5_0 and P5_5, P6_5 and CNVss. RESET has to be released to "H" once the mode selection pins are set to flash programming mode.
    I have no idea where to buy devices in LGA. As it is difficult to solder there will never have been many distributors selling it.
  • i just sawthis message , thisforum has very different style :)
  • İ did all, only i put reset always high , what i have to do with reset exactly i dont und.im using ft232rl based usb converter , there are dtr and rts pins , are any of them is reset? , also on datasheet They put a button to cnvss too.can u please explain this button on cnvss ?what's pull up resistor value for this mcu? And what i have to do with reset? Also any method to und which mode in mcu from bussy pin with led or sth?

    I know I asked so many questions

    Thanx already