problem in values using global variables in r5f64169 (r32c/100) debug session

Dear friends

I have created a project with HEW with assembler init code

when I use the E8a debugger to run the program I found that global variables can't change their values, instead of that in the tab "memory" the read values of global variables are not the same values that variables must have in the running program...

The only variables that behave well are the local funtions variables...

Do you have any clues on that? maybe I have to change some compiler/link options in -> Build -> Renesas Standard Toolchains ?? but I don't found any significant choices to select there

Thanks in advance!

PD: I attach a picture of the debug session to clarify the problem

UINT8 = typedef unsigned char

the compiler locates tmp in 0x00000419 which is in fact RAM memory according to datasheet.

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