Use E8A emulator to debugging R32C


I'm new user in renesas, now I want use E8a emulator to debugging my board. Can you any body send me tutorial or how use it to debugging in IAR?

Because in IAR provides only SIMULATOR. I dont understand it so much what's it,  in MPLABX, when I use ICD3 to debugging my PIC, it connects to my MCU and I can see how runs my application step by step.

I think on IAR, it provide only simulation to my application, isn't it?

Thank you. 

  • In general IAR EW can use E8a, E30 and E30A for debugging R32C processors. But it depends on the package you have which debugger is supported. You have to get in contact with IAR to check what is needed to get E8a support in your workbench.



  • Thank you FranKL,

    Now I have another question. Can you tell me what is the output format for MCU R32C/111? I have heart that in IAR we must specify the output format for CSPY. But I'm not sure what is it?

    For PIC it is .cof or .hex, for ARM is elf, I have tried google but not good result.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    when you use C-Spy for debugging you keep the IAR default setting (select "Debug information for C-Spy"), which uses UBROF as debug for format (IAR proprietary format).

    When you use HEW to debug a file generated with IAR tool chain you can use IEEE-695 (with format specifier -ylmba) or elf (with format specifier -yspc).



  • Hi Frank,

    Thank you for your quickly and detailed answer, but I think in IAR -> Linker, it's needed to select other Output Format, then choose debug (ubrof). In default Debug information for C-Spy when I choosed Allow C-SPY specific extra output file, I got the error message.

    It causes I use IAR with the Evaluation version?

    So, now I have another question due to linker script. I use E8a emulator to debugging, thus I configured linker script that I reserved RAM for emulator. But when I debugged, I got the message that the specified memory range overlaps with the FW area.

    I guess the IAR doesn't use the linker that I configured, doesn't it? Because it showed the warning that the CSTACK(user stack) and ISTACK(interrupt stack) and heap are redefined.


  • PS: by the way, where do you think is the problem with the overlaping memeory ? I have MCU with cca 32Kb RAM memory and 512 ROM.

  • You say "I got the error message." Which error message? When it is a problem with the evaluation version you should see some licensing error, but I don't think this is the case.

    When you use your own linker configuration file you have to modify the linker setting.

    In Project > Options in category "Linker" on the first page select "Override deefault" for linker configuration file and write for example "$PROJ_DIR$\lnkR5F64186.xcl"

    As you said, best is to reserve some RAM and ROM memory of R32C for the debugger firmware.

    However, you can also in the debugger start dialog place the firmware at the topmost of the device memory, e.g. work RAM at 0x08200 and Program at 0xFFFFEF00. These areas should not be covered by your application as the linker starts memory usage at the lowermost addresses. And then you can use the default linker file.



  • Hi Frank,

    Can you send me your email, I will send to your email. Thanks

  • Do you know any one problem with flashing FW to MCU via Jtag? I can download to the MCU only once, MCU is running well. Later when I download FW to target, I can not connect to the MCU. I have checked that MCU is running well. But I can not download FW or connect to the MCU.

  • It is no good idea to continue with a thread and change subject. Once an issue is solved you should start a new thread when you have another problem, even if it fits to the first subject.

    R32C does not use JTAG, so what do you mean? When you use E8a you use a simple UART for communication.

    What is FW? Do you mean the debug firmware downloaded automatically by the debugger? What are your error messages, and what do you do exactly?