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MK1575 - temperature stability


Is the clock recovery PLL MK1575 temperature stable? If not, could you provide data of its temperature stability?



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  • Hello,

    Let me rephrase the original question:
    Assume the REFIN (clock input) frequency is stable. The temperature of the PCB with MK1575 rises. Will the PLL's output clock frequency remain stable or will it change due to temperature?

  • Hi Jakub,

    Since this device is originally from IDT, I'm not really sure if Technical Support have the data about its performance with respect to temperature. But, yeah feel free to submit a ticket to Renesas Technical Support. Hopefully they have the data that you need.

    Regarding your question, the recommended operating temperature specified in the datasheet refers to ambient temperature. So I do believe that as long as you operate with the temperature range, performance of the device will be stable. But ideally, you should operate at room temperature of maybe 20°C to 40°C as much as possible to avoid performance issues due to temperature.

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator