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Jitter Measurement Utility

I have tried to use the Jitter Measurement Utility but I never get a results back how long does this take?

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  • The old Jitter tool is being disabled and this will now be done on the lab on cloud.

    Please select the Clocks and Timing section.


    You will need to register for this new area if you have not have already done so.


    Here are the usual steps to login. 

    * Pls click on Free Signup (if you haven’t done the already. All users need to register for the first time. 
    * You can use your official email Id as a login id. Please provide a convenient password, that would be used next time to authenticate
    * You would receive an email from The mail is found in Inbox. If not, please search SPAM and TRASH folders.  Please click on the link provided in the email. This is for the first time.
    * The registrations process is complete
    * From now on, you can use the id and password used for registration to login to the LoC TPD application

    You will need your .TCS files from the Timing Commander Software to generate the files based on your device and requirements.  On our website if you look for your device you will locate the Timing Commander Personality File for your device.