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A question about the 853S011BMILF interface and termination

Hi Support Team! 

Just a question about the 853S011BMILF device.  This is a distribution/buffer chip meant to interface to other PECL devices.  This device is going to be used as a distribution IC for clocking the AD9251 (ADI 14 bit ADC).  The source oscillator also has a PECL output.  The datasheet for the AD9251 is linked here (see page 25, Fig 52):

This shows that in their scheme to use a couple 240 ohm shunt resistors and coupling caps into the ADC inputs.  Would this be acceptable in interfacing the 853S011 with the AD9251?  Typically when interfacing PECL devices I would see either bias resistors or a resistors with an equivalent thevenin source but this is a little different.  Your datasheet calls out what I have typically seen.

I want to trust ADI's datasheet but they probably have not tried every device out there so this is what I am asking here. 

Thank you!

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