e2Studio 7.7.0 broke debugger set break points on the fly!

Dear Folks,

I  routinely run e2studio debugger using E20 or E1 emulators to debug RX630 and RX63N MPUs respectively. This is on Windows 10 environment. Starting with e2studio 7.1.0, and after Help menu evoked updating reached 7.7.0, I started received the following error message:

Hardware breakpoint set at address 0xffe3e55f 

GDB action 'add hardware breakpoint', has failed with error report, FFW Call Error for CFFWEzonInterfaceV2::FFWRXCmd_SetRM:The command is not executable because the user program is running.

This happens every time while trying to set a break point when running code.This new feature slowed my workflow down a lot. Really took a hit so I loaded 7.5.1 to discover the feature has return. Thankfully! My question is do you really intend to leave it this way? IMHO this upgrade has made e2studio harder to use. I very much appreciate the ability to set/enable break points on the fly. Is there a way to re-enable this in 7.7.0?