Creating an Ubuntu Docker image for e2studios

I made a script which gets gcc from the release notes, gets e2 studios, copies in ssp 1.7.8 and then installs synergy from the command line. I run the script and it will generate a binary. It works great in ubuntu 20.04. 

When I try to run this inside of a docker container, i get totally different results. It will not build. Has anyone sucessfully generated a binary using e2studio from inside a docker container?

./e2studio \
--launcher.suppressErrors \
-nosplash \
-application org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.headlessbuild \
-data worspace.headless \
-import "/sparkcharge/mcb/Production_v1" \
-build all \
-cleanBuild all \
-vmargs -Dcom.renesas.synergyLicenseFile="/home/orenderj/renesas_tools/temp/internal/projectgen/arm/licenses/SSP_License_Example_EvalLicense_20180725.xml"