Program in Assembler

I already have software written in assembly

E2Studio creates startup code in C.

Somewhere in there I have to add a call to the assembly program.

Where does it go? I'm guessing that it might be the .src directory

My assembly program starts at main: which is declared ".global"

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  • I think I'm getting close - it needs to call cardinit in the assembler

    In the C program I have 

    void Reset_Handler (void)

    extern void cardinit(void);
    return ;

    and in the assembler 

    .global cardinit
    .type cardinit,%function
    cardinit: PUSH {R4,LR}

    and it returns with 

    "undefined reference to `cardinit'", but I'm not sure how to make it look in the right place for "cardinit"