Rx231 with e2studio 2022-07 Smart configuration Change section

HI, I have a problem,

my project need to have this section configuration:


when i use smart configurator and generate surce code the successive compilation have this setting


I notice that starting from the correct section configuration after the generation code from smart configurator 

C/C++ Biuld->Settings->Linker->Section i changed in the wrong way.

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  • Hi JB,

    This issue is still Open.

    I'm using Renesas CCRX v.3.04.00 but i don't think the issue related to compiler.

    I think this happen when i use BSP version 7.20.

    I checked in open issue list.

    In order to replicate the issue i think is sufficient:

    • create a new project
    • change the section as i did
    • open smart configurator
    • generate code 

    After the code generation the section is changed!

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