E2 studio import export

I exported a project using Renesas FSP Export -> Export FSP project and exported it as a zip.

When I imported it on to another computer it made a complete shambles of it.

Importing the zip as “import archive” left it as a subdirectory inside another project that it created. One called P003 and one called P003 zip expanded. Needless to say, it could no longer find any references and failed to compile.

Then I extracted the files from the zip and imported using import from file system. That looked OK, and resembled the project that was exported, but also fails to compile with 

bsp_cfg,h. - no such file or directory

hal_data.h - no such file or directory

#include hal_data.h is in every other project in the same format, but never gives an error.

What went wrong?

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  • Hang on. . . 
    It came from a machine running Fsp 3.3 and went onto a machine running Fsp 3.6, and if I go into configuration.xml and resave it now compiles.

    . . . But it makes me wonder what else might be a problem due to the Fsp being changed. I’m working on a version that doesn’t use FSP which should eliminate that problem.

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