RX65N - e2studio using GCC SEGGER JLink debugging issues

We are using RX65N in our design and we have wired up all JTAG lines to programming connector including FINE line.

Issue that we are having is that we can program device using SEGGER JLink if we select debugging using FINE but as program is about to jump into debugger we get and error:

"Cannot Reset MCU"

This is the same if we use full JTAG line or just FINE using SEGGER J-Link.

Has anyone managed to use SEGGER JLink with RX65N or similar MCU ?

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  • I've referenced this document and nothing we tried from this document works.
    One would expect that FINE using SEGGER should just work and this is not the case.
    I got some documentation in SEGGER site that describes SEGGER to FINE connection but this did not work either..
    Entire documentation seems to be biased towards connecting SEGGER to RSK boards and their connection pinouts.
    It looks as it could be easy to use the same pinout on our custom board but that is not the case.
    BTW, we can program and debug our custom board using E2 Lite without any problems.
    Question still remains,,,,
    Has anyone ever got programming and debugging of RX65 using FINE or JTAG using SEGGER JLink.?

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