Linker option "Print removed sections" generates false build errors, but am unable to move to newer gcc toolchain.

I am using Renesas e2studio and Synergy for my project which is currently configured with SSP Version 2.2.0 and GCC ARM Embedded

When I add the option for the linker to display the unused sections removed by the linker (Project/Properties/C/C++ Build/Settings/Tool Settings/Cross ARM Linker/General/Print removed sections (-Xlinker --print-gc-sections), those sections get displayed at the end of the build but the build reports errors. So even though the compilation has completed and the binary is valid, build errors are reported.

This apparently was a known bug  according to

But it says it was also fixed.  When I asked about it (specifying I had a problem) it was suggested I try with the latest toolchain 12.* 

I downloaded and installed the latest, and I am unable to install it into e2studio, as it is not recognized.

How do I install the latest toolchain into e2studio?