Imported pack file doesn't show


I want to run LittleFS on an external QSPI NOR flash chip from MXIC (MX25R4035F). I found that they published a PACK file to import into e2studio at the below URL. I'm also attaching the ZIP file to this message.

I followed all the steps - copy the .pack file into my "Renesas\e2_studio\internal\projectgen\ra\packs\" folder, import it using File -> Import -> CMSIS Pack.
I even created a brand new project so that I'm sure my project's older FSP version does not affect their pack, which was created for FSP 4.
e2studio goes through the process and tells me that the pack was imported correctly (attached), but then when I want to add their driver to LittleFS it does not give me the option as mentioned in their document "Application Note for LittleFS MXIC Middleware_v2.0.pdf" (see screenshot "pack import screenshot - ideal.png").

So how can I get e2studio to display the imported pack file?

I see there are "packs" folders in 2 places:

The above-mentioned pack file is in both locations, but should I delete one of the locations? My e2studio is located in the folder "C:\Renesas\e2_studio\eclipse"?


What I get:

What I should see:

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  • Looks like there is an error with the pack files from Macronix (the file toolingSupport.xml in the pack files doesn't reference the XML file in the .module_descriptions folder in the pack files)

    The pack files will exist in the 2 locations you found, that is ok. You will need to remove the old versions of the 2 MXIC pack files, and replace them with the versions attached.

    With e2studio closed, remove the old versions of the 2 MXIC pack files from the 2 locations you found, and also delete all the .xml files from the folder :- 

    c:\Users\Johann.Kok\.eclipse\com.renesas.platform_1435879475\internal\projectgen\ra\modules (these XML files will be re-extracted from all the FSP pack files when e2studio is opened).

    and also delete the 2 xml files from :- 

    c:\Users\Johann.Kok\.eclipse\com.renesas.platform_1435879475\internal\cmsis\data\ra (these XML files will be re-created when e2studio is opened).

    Then start e2studio, and import the updated MXIC pack files as before.

  • Thank you, Jeremy.  That seems to fix the problem.  It would be nice if FSP support LittleFS on more than just the internal flash - any plans to do that in the near future?