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Hello there,

I'm a new beginner with Renesas platform. I'm currently working with RL78 family G1F (R5F11BBC) as target. while trying to flash the code with the E2 lite emulator to enter a debug session, i frequently face the problem that say " GDB action 'connect to target', has failed with error code, 0xffffffff
Disconnected from the Target Debugger. " 

and fail to connect to the target  although there is no error with the wiring. and it sometimes works and sometimes no.

how to deal and manage this issue ?

and can i reset the IDE settings to the default and how? is it works fine when i restart my PC ?  

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi ,

    Actually, since I found out the cause, the one that I mentioned above, I've been very careful not to interrupt the uploading process (software side) or accidentally unplug or disconnect anything (hardware side). So I don't encounter this issue anymore. The only way so far that I know to recover from this issue is to restart the computer. But have you tried Mark's suggestion? Unfortunately, what I remember before is that unplugging the USB cable from the E1 emulator doesn't work. But maybe this isn't the case anymore with the E2 or E2 Lite emulator.

    If this response, or one provided by another user, answers your question, please verify the answer. Thank you!
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