Need help in String related function issue in e2studio.

Hello Everyone,

I am new in Renesas development and using e2studio ide. I am trying some c related logic in e2studio. I want to extract substring between two string or between two character in main string.

I have included following header files 

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>

I am trying below function to get desired string from main string. ,

char * extract_between(const char *str, const char *p1, const char *p2)
char* i1 = strstr(str, p1);

if(i1 != NULL)
const size_t pl1 = strlen(p1);
char* i2 = strstr(i1 + pl1, p2);
if(p2 != NULL)
/* Found both markers, extract text. */
const size_t mlen = i2 - (i1 + pl1);
char *ret = malloc(mlen + 1);
if(ret != NULL)
memcpy(ret, i1 + pl1, mlen);
ret[mlen] = '\0';
return ret;
return '\0';

I have tested this function in other Eclips IDE and online c compiller but not getting proper value in e2studio even though I just tried below 

char *v = "Sudeep Pawar";
char *subString ;
strncpy(subString, v, 4);

but in substring data not copied. So I just want to know is any setting c related or string related missing. Please suggest.



  • Hello Sudeep,

    What MCU and what compiler are you using?

    Kind regards,


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    Renesas Engineering Community Moderator

  • Hello Sergey,

    Thanks for your considering my query. 

    I am using MCU R7FA6M1AD3CNB and Compiler is Renesas e² studio
    Version: 2022-01 (22.1.0)
    Build Id: R20220106-1410

  • > I am using MCU R7FA6M1AD3CNB and Compiler is Renesas e² studio
    You mean GCC for ARM?

    char *v = "Sudeep Pawar";
    char *subString ;
    strncpy(subString, v, 4);

    Looks no memory is allocated to subString.
    What about  this?
    char subString[ 30 ]; /* long enough size */

  • hello Okra,

    Yes it is GCC for ARM. I am giving here configuration and components that I have set,

    Project Summary

    Board:   Custom User Board (Any Device)
    Device:  R7FA6M1AD3CNB
    Toolchain:   GCC ARM Embedded
    Toolchain Version:
    FSP Version:   3.6.0
    Project Type:   Flat

    Selected software components

        Board Support Package Common Files   v3.6.0
        I/O Port   v3.6.0
        Arm CMSIS Version 5 - Core (M)   v5.8.0+renesas.0.fsp.3.6.0
        Board support package for R7FA6M1AD3CNB   v3.6.0
        Board support package for RA6M1   v3.6.0
        Board support package for RA6M1 - FSP Data   v3.6.0
        Custom Board Support Files   v3.6.0
        SCI UART   v3.6.0
  • I have also tries  subString[ 30 ];  but string functions not working properly.

  • Can I get how I can use string functions like strcat(), strncpy(), strstr() etc in renesas e2studio? 

    As I mentioned in my previous message, I just validating below code

    char *v = "Sudeep Pawar";
    char *subString="" ;
    char *nwstr="";
    strncpy(subString, v, 4);
    strcat((char *)nwstr, (const char *)v);
    R_SCI_UART_Write(&g_uart0_ctrl, (char *)nwstr, strlen(nwstr));

    but using strcat no value concat in nwstr or no value copied in substring using strncpy function. Please suggest.

  • > I have also tries subString[ 30 ]; but string functions not working properly.
    String variable should end with NULL character (== 0), but stack memory is dirty (non-zero values are there).
    You need to clean up the buffer with memset( ) before use or explicitly put 0 at the end of string position.

    You should be aware of memory handling in C programming.

  • Hello Okra, 

    you are right String variable should end with NULL character and I have did it in my main program and always I take care of it. To your reference and for example I have mentioned here edited test code code as you suggested, Please refer I have used memset function as well as NULL attached at the end of string but still in debug I am not seeing strncpy is working variable v is not copying in substring variable.

    char *v = "Sudeep Pawar";
    char *subString[30] ;
    // char *nwstr[30];
    memset(subString, '\0', sizeof(subString));
    // memset(subString, '0', sizeof(subString));
    // memset(nwstr, '\0', sizeof(nwstr));
    strncpy(subString, v, 4);
    // strcat(nwstr, v);
    //R_SCI_UART_Write(&g_uart0_ctrl, (char *)nwstr, strlen(nwstr));
    R_SCI_UART_Write(&g_uart0_ctrl, (char *)subString, strlen(subString));

  • Same Test code is working in other eclips IDE e.g. STMCudeIDE for STM32 MCU and also working in C compiler. 

  • > but still in debug I am not seeing strncpy is working variable v is not copying in substring variable.
    strncpy(subString, v, 4) works as strncpy(subString, "Sudeep Pawar", 4) and results subString = "Sude".

    R_SCI_UART_Write(&g_uart0_ctrl, (char *)subString, strlen(subString));
    May not work if subString in stack because it will be lost out of function.

    Global or static variables should be used as communication buffers.