J-Link OB as an External Tool into e2studio?

I have found many tutorials on how to compile and debug a project on the EK-RA2A1 demo board with the e2studio IDE. Even when you create a new project the debugger is set by default. But I haven't found anywhere how to configure the J-Link OB that comes with the EK-RA2A1 as an external tool in e2studio to flash the microcontroller in release mode.

Can anyone tell me how this external tool is configured?


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  • Yes I know. But I am developing the project in the e2studio environment and I need to Flash the microcontroller dozens of times a day. I don't want to change environment every time I have to Flash. Using the J-Link OB as an external e2studio tool when I implement a modification I can build the project by pressing ^B and Flash and Run it by pressing ^R. This way I don't even have to touch the mouse. As I said at the beginning, I do this dozens of times a day and hundreds of times during the development of a project.
    To use the ^R key I have assigned it as a shortcut to the function "Run Last Launched External Tool"

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