PLL Multiplier 13.5 not setable in e2 studio smart configurator for RX231. e2 version 2023-07

I use the smart configurator with bsp 7.41 on a new RX231 project. The selectable multiplier ends with multipler x13 for the PLL but I need x13.5 which is available on this CPU. Also on older projects with the older code generate it was selectable.

Any advice on that?


  • I don't seem to observe this limitation with v2023-07 of e2studio.  What version of the code-generator / Smart-Config is reported in your tools?

  • Good morning. The reason was that we use a 16 Mhz quarz and therefore the usb clock seems not to we setable with the usb pll circuit to 48MHz. (we dont use USB on this project) Don't know why the main PLL circuit setting is then changed. But if I select the main clock to usb clock source I can set 13.5 multiplier and it just shows a warning on usb as it would be set to 54 MHz.