Install e2studio on Mac


I downloaded e2studio for macos on an M1, then I unpacked the .xz, moved the .app to Application, but when I try to run I get this:

What I am missing ?

My macos version is 13.6.2

thank you


  • Typically the problem here is that when the archive file has been download from the web on macOS, macOS’s security system is categorizing the application as suspect and blocking it.

    You can avoid this problem by using the following terminal command to mark the application as “valid” after extracting it from the archive file:

    xattr -d /path/to/

    replacing “/path/to/” with the actual location of your e2studio application. One easy way of doing this is to drag the icon from your Filer window into the Terminal window, right after typing the initial part of the command.

    Once this terminal command is executed, you should be able to double click on "" again and successfully start the application.

    For more details on this issue, please see:

  • it works!

    I got mislead from the error message, usually for application downloaded is different, never saw "it's damaged".

    thank you

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