E2 Studio Project Build issue - fatal error: bsp_api.h: No such file or directory

Hello Team,

I'm facing the issue with project build in E2 Studio version 2021-04 (21.4.0) for RA6M4 on Windows 11 Home (22H2, build: 22621.2861).

I've just freshly install e2 studio with FSP (setup_fsp_v3_0_0_e2s_v2021-04.exe) and installed toolchain GCC ARM Embedded 9.3.1. 

After the importing the project when I try to build it fails with the fatal error: bsp_api.h: No such file or directory

The thing is that this exact project with no code or configuration changes successfully build on the Linux with the exact same versions of the FSP, studio, and toolchain.

Are there any ideas what can cause such difference in the behavior of e2 studio? Does the project require extra settings for Windows?

Thanks in advance,