e2 Studio - Editor margin still broken after 8+ years?

I'm running the latest e2 Studio, and I like to have the visible print margin set to 80 characters.  If I go into Window / Preferences / General / Editors / Text Editors and check "Show print margin", I can get the margin to appear in the editor, but it's fixed at 120 characters, regardless of what value I put into "Print margin column".  The print column setting works in every other Eclipse-based IDE I use, just not this one.

Someone had almost the same problem over 8 years ago, and the reply said "We may be able to patch this in an upcoming e2 studio release. But this is not confirmed yet."  Seems to me that the problem still exists, except now the margin is fixed at 120 characters instead of 80.  Any chance this can be fixed soon?  Thanks.

Renesas e² studio (running on Windows 10)

Version: 2024-01.1 (24.1.1)
Build Id: R20240125-1623

Dana M.

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