No Debug in E2 Stuido

We need to start using e2Studio for an RX111 project and I'm having difficulties getting the debug to work.

As this is new hardware I have decided to go to a known working system using an RX63N processor developed in Hew using an E1 debugger.


I create a new C project using e2 Studio, select the processor and let it generate the default files.  I then put in some simple code in the while statement of the main loop and build.  All appears fine so far.  All project settings have been left as they were defaulted to.

The Toolchain I'm using is the KPIT V16.01.

I go to the RUN->Debug Configurations and set the debugger to the E1, the correct target device, crystal and that the power is external. Mode is by default Debug Mode


I don't change anything else and press Debug


The following appears

GDBServer for Renesas targets. Version 6.0.0 (Aug 4 2017 11:28:02)

Starting server with the following options:
Raw options : C:\Renesas\e2_studio5\eclipse\/../\DebugComp\\RX\e2-server-gdb -g E1 -t R5F563NE -p 61234 -d 61236 -uClockSrcHoco= 0 -uInputClock= 12.0000 -uAllowClockSourceInternal= 1 -uUseFine= 1 -uFineBaudRate= 2.00 -w 0 -z 0 -uRegisterSetting= 0 -uModePin= 0 -uChangeStartupBank= 0 -uStartupBank= 0 -uDebugMode= 0 -uExecuteProgram= 0 -uIdCode= FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF -uresetOnReload= 1 -n 0 -uWorkRamAddress= 1000 -uProgReWriteIRom= 0 -uProgReWriteDFlash= 0 -uhookWorkRamAddr= 0x1000 -uhookWorkRamSize= 0x230 --english

Connecting to E1, RX Target
GDBServer endian : little
Target power : off
Starting target connection
Firmware up to date at version ''
Target endian (MDE pin) : little
Finished target connection
Target connection status - OK
Starting download
Finished download


This seems OK however in the debug view non of the items like suspend, resume step are available.  There are no addresses beside the code.

What Am I missing.

I have tried different tool chains but every time the same thing happens when it comes to debugging.  I'm feeling there is just a simple switch somewhere I need to enable but I can't find it.

Any help greatly appreciated. 


  • Oh and the main difference between the Hew based system and The E2Stuido is that the Hew one uses .x as the output file and the e2Studio uses .elf but I believe these both still use Dwarf as the debug format

  • I've just discovered that I can go to the debugger console in the c/c++ view and type in gdb commands to step through or run the code. How can this be linked to the views and buttons in the IDE?

  • I've now found the solution to my problem which I will post here just in case anyone has a similar problem.
    I had to uninstall the e2studio (which resulted in an error)

    Then delete the remains of the e2studio directories including the one at \Users\brownp\AppData\Local\E2studio
    then delete the .metadata folder in the workspace.

    Once done re-installing the latest e2studio allowed the debug to work.

    I don't know what the causes was but I have over the years installed a few versions of e2studio to try and import a hew project but without success so perhaps there were remains of other installations that were conflicting (gdb itself for instance)

  • I had exactly the same issue, I first deleted the .metadata folder, this did not help. Then I upgraded to e2studio V6.1 (without uninstalling first), and that solved it.