Programming the flash in SH72531


I am using SH72531 and E10A USB EMULATOR(HS0005KCU01H). Currently I am using the emulator to run the code.

I want to program the flash i.e run my application code through flash.  Is it possible using the E10A USB EMULATOR(HS0005KCU01H) ?

If not what is the procedure to program the flash?






  • E10A-USB is not meant to be used for flash programming.
    But if you downloaded the code during debugging to your SH72531, you should be able to run it when you disconnect E10A-USB and switch emulator function on the processor off.

    You can use FDT and E8a for flash programming on SH72531.

  • FrankL is correct , FDT and maybe e8a is the best way.

    If your HW is designed correctly, you could also use FDT and Boot mode (a standard serial connection).

    Finally, if you are just testing prototypes, the E10A-USB, did allow it to "program" without using for debug. Easiest way to find out if this is the case for your device when creating a debug session, if it allows you to select "Writing FLASH memory" (see dialog on page 68 of E10A-USB manual for SH) during the configuration, you can just FLASH the device with a HEW session.
    Was NOT RECOMMENDED for production programming.

    Good luck!