Unable to load my code in R5F21258SNFP through Renesas E8a deubgger -"Memory area error. It is outside the effective address range" warning is shown by emulator.


  • Controller: R5F21258SNFP 
  • Debugger: Renesas E8a 
  • ToolChain : M16C
  • IDE         : HEW Version
  • Evaluation Version


  •  When i try to load my code into controller. My  debugger is getting connected but when trying to load into the device, the emulator throws the following warning. "Memory area error. It is outside the effective address range".


  • For your kind reference the Memory details are below
    • DATA 0002757(00AC5H) Byte(s)
    • ROMDATA 0003776(00EC0H) Byte(s)
    • CODE 0053064(0CF48H) Byte(s)


      Please find the attachments in the URL(Google Drive)

  • Files
    • Build Output Log file
    • Map File (File name Rest.map)
  • Images
    • Memory Area error warning message
    • Build Log
  • Related Files
    • ncrt0.a30
    • nc_define.inc 
    • sect30.inc