i am new in HEW , can anyone help me to start programming in hew , i want some study material of programming (R5F212CCSNFP) , i want some sample program of this controller,


I want to program this controller , for that i have downloaded HIGH-PERFORMANCE EMBEDDED WORKSHOP ,and CubeSuite+.

but in HEW ,i don't know how to write codes , there is no tutorial on youtube of HEW , i need study material to write code in HEW .

in CS+ i cant find my controller R5F212CCSNFP, ,

please help me ,


  • for sample code, a good place to start is here.

    next question is how you are connecting to the chip. is it on a kit? do you have an E8 or E8A or are you using serial to flash program?

    Also there are ways to work with it serially that don't require windows but can be done in linux. Many questions to answer to get the right direction you want to go.
  • i have not connected R5F212CCSNFP yet , but when i start cs+ it give list of controllers of RH858 ,RX ,V850, RL78, 78K0R and 78K0 , but in all of them my controller(R5F212CCSNFP) is not there to select it , i also tried to update but no luck ,
    but thanks for ur rply
  • Mike Burr said:
    for sample code, a good place to start is here.

    there is no sample code for HIGH-PERFORMANCE EMBEDDED WORKSHOP IDE and R8C/2C

  • the third item down for the R8C/35C "group" has sample code for the project. that is setup for the HEW development environment and NC30WA compiler. Most of the projects for other R8C chipsets will be able to brought over and slimed down for the 2C series chips. Also if you know the starter/development kit number you can sometimes find full install items like the one for the R8C/2D group. The only difference between the 2C and 2D groups is the presence or absence of 1k data flash. However the rest of the peripherals are the same.


    This has the download for the complete installer that also covers the 2D group.
  • Unfortunately cs+ doesn't support the M16 or R8 series of micro controllers. that would be done through HEW or can be done with implementing cross compilers and scripts that integrate with e2studio or eclipse. if you look at DJ Delorie's website he has some ways to connect with and program the R8C series, that doesn't rely on HEW but actually is done through Linux. The GNU open source compiler has the ability to compile programs for the R8C and M16C so NC30WA doesn't have to be used. also NC30WA can be scripted so the HEW environment does not have to be used.
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