Problem: HEW4 Does Not Show "Select Emulator mode" Dialog Box so Cannot Connect E10A Pod

Hi All,

  I have two laptops both configured with a project in HEW4. When I start HEW4 on one laptop, it gives me the "Select Emulator mode" Dialog Box - which is what we want and usually see; however, the other laptop does not give this Dialog Box - instead, it just brings up a pane with headers "S/W Breakpoints - ASM", "Disassembly Address", "Obj code", "Disassembly". The E10A Renesas pod is not connected to either laptop, at this time. And the laptop without the Dialog Box, it *was* showing the Dialog Box a few days ago, so we don't know what changed in that HEW project workspace, or on that laptop.

How does HEW4 know whether or not to show the "Select Emulator mode" Dialog Box?

Ultimately, the only thing we are trying to do is install firmware onto a 2166 microcontroller with an E10A pod.




  • The shown dialog depends on the selected debug session.
    If the selected debug session is configured to use E10A as emulator you will see the "Select emulator mode" dialog.
    The "Standard"-toolbar in HEW has a pull-down menue to select the debug session.
    You can also go to HEW > Debug > Debug Sessions to what is the selected debug session and to HEW > Debug > Debug Settings to see which emulator is selected for the defined debug sessions.
    I don't understand what you mean by " instead, it just brings up a pane with headers ...". I would guess that you start a simulator debug session.
  • Thank you Frank - I thinks this is very helpful! I see now that the laptop that gives the Emulator dialog box does indeed have a non-default Debug Session defined, with settings that point to our target processor; whereas the laptop without the Emulator dialog box has only "DefaultSession", which has no "Debug Setting" item in the Debug menu. I created a new "Debug Session", but I also see no way to configure it for a target processor. How can I do this?
  • Projects are configured for a target processor.
    Debug sessions can only select the target debugger for the selected processor.
    If you cannot select the debugger I would guess you have not installed the debug software. By default HEW does not include any debugger software. You have to install the E10A-USB software separately.
  • Frank,
    Thanks for your help.
    We decided to try re-installing HEW3 (Even though this installation has been updated to HEW4). It didn't give me the option to install into a different directory, which is what I had wanted to do, as a test. So it installed directly on top of the existing installation, at C:\HEW3. I then opened HEW and instantly got the expected and hoped-for Select Emulator dialog - so now it appears to be working. (?!?!?!?!)
    It seemed as if component(s) of HEW were missing, and this ... restored them???
    Right before I started this installation, I noticed that MS Word and MS Excel did not open. I then tried to run a Disk Check, but I don't have admin privileges. Maybe something happened to the disk, which wiped out components of HEW? But it didn't otherwise complain.

    So now we can continue with our work.
  • I don't think that parts of HEW disappeared, but i could imagine that the tool registration in HEW was corrupted. HEW has a data base where all tools being used in HEW are registered.
    HEW itself does not have any debug interface. All debugger have to be installed separately. All debugger installer also include a HEW installer either to install HEW if it is not yet available or to make sure the installed HEW version is suitable for the debugger.
    If you have a HEW CD, the installers in this CD are a summary of various compiler and debugger installers.
    I would still recommend you use the latest version of the E10A-USB and HEW installers from the Renesas website and update your tools.
  • Frank - Just FYI - Even though I installed HEW3 over the pre-existing HEW4 Version, when I open HEW now, it still shows that it is "HEW4 Version", in the Help/About menu.

    Is there any way that I can validate the "tools registration" in my existing installation?
  • HEW installer usually do an update of an existing installation. They don't replace the old installation. This is necessary because all debugger and compiler include a HEW installer. It would not be good if any installation would downgrade the HEW version and some tools requiring a later version would not work any more.

    I'm surprised that you say during installation you don't see a dialog to select the installation directory. The installer from the HEW 3.0.6 CD show a "Select Destination Directory" dialog.

    You can check the registered tools in HEW > Tools > Administration. All registered tools are listed there. Pushing the "Register" button you can add additional tools that are missing.

  • Thanks Frank - that info could be helpful the next time we have this kind of problem.

    I installed HEW3 from a zip file on our server. When I unzip it, it has "INSTALLGUIDE_J.TXT" which includes this:


    "Renesas C/C++ Compiler Package for H8,H8S and H8SX family V.6.00 Release 03
    with High-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW) V.3.01.06."