Need help in understanding .text and .textf_unit64kp sections

Hello Community,

I'm trying to understand the map file and I have some doubts about how IAR places code in flash (I'm using IAR 5.10.3 with RL78/G13 - R5F100ML).

To make the long story short, the thing I don't understand is why the compiler is using ROMHUGE for code if a huge code model doesn't even exists in the compiler options.

The default linker configuration file indicates to put textf into ROMHUGE therefore it makes sense from the linker point of view to put it there, what I don't understand is why the compiler puts code on textf and not in textf_unit64kp? What is the logic behind the choice of using textf or textf_unit64kp?

In my map file I see only two objects in textf_unit64kp (2041 bytes), while the rest of code is in .text and .textf.

Why is that? Do I have some configuration messed up?

Thank you,