BLE Beacon Project setup

Hello together,

I am trying to setup the beacon software with the  Renesas e² studio / Version: 7.5.1 / Build Id: R20190813-1458.

Now wehn I try to compile the software, I get this errormessage:

[ERROR] No toolchain set or toolchain not integrated.
18:23:47 **** Incremental Build of configuration DefaultBuild for project R5F11AGH_Beacon ****
make all
Cannot run program "make": Launching failed

Due to the fact that I am very new with the e² studio, I need some details how to solve this problem.

I am also a little bit confused, due to fact, that there are two places to manipulate the tollchain.

The first one is in the File tab\Properties\c/c++Build\tool chain editor

The second one is found in tha tab Windows\Preferences\Renesas\Renesas toolchain Management.

So I need the information which setup is right to get the software compiled?

Thanks to anyone who can give me a little support or any helpfull advice!



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