Issues in generating config for BLE: FSP issues.


We are facing some issues in compilation of our BLE related project where a couple of configurations are not getting generated in r_ble_config.h

Only one config is getting generated: BLE_CFG_LIBRARY_TYPE. No other entry is being picked by FSP.

This is resulting in mutliple compiler issues. We did a workaround by defining some parameters manually but it would get flushed out every time a new FSP generate is done.

I'm using E2 studio ver 2021-04 (21.4.0)

Project Summary:

Board: EK-RA4W1
Device: R7FA4W1AD2CNG
Toolchain: GCC ARM Embedded
Toolchain Version:
FSP Version: 3.1.0
Project Type: Flat 

Any idea anyone?

Thanks a lot