How do I identify the wakeup source for my DA14683? It happens every 3.90s


I am trying to find the source of the last 100 μA in my DA14683 on my custom board. As you can see in the third picture, there is a spike every 3.90s and the first spike increases the yellow line (average current consumption) from 30 μA to 130 μA. And then the yellow line never goes below 130 μA until I manually reset.

I believe my DA14683 is being woken up by something, but I don't know what it is. And I don't know how to find out. I do know that it's not a "Wakeup Controller" interrupt because my callback for the Wakeup Controller does not trigger. Is there a register I can see the CPU wakeup source for? Or a guess as to what the wakeup source could be if its not the Wakeup Controller?

Bluetooth is not started.

I disabled almost all the FreeRTOS timers and tasks except for the "LPSet" task. And I disabled the 1v8p rail.

My custom board + JLink uses 11 μA.

Joulescope explanation of graphsLPTimer starts vApplicationTickHook happens every 3.9s

  • Hi Andrew, 

    Thanks for your question. Would it be possible to share the following clarification so that I can have a more clear view about this issue? 

    1. What is the SDK version? SDK1.0.12 ( as inserted in your initial post), or SDK1.0.14 ( latest and recommended version fro DA468x product family)

    2. As far as I know, this is a custom design and you are using your own application code. Can you replicate this behaviour with any of the SDK examples running on your custom board?

    3. Please zip and attach the images so that I can download them and zoom-in. 

    4. In addition, I would suggest to probe and provide a power trace of all the DA14683 power rails. 

    5. If you could provide any extra information about your SW & HW implementation, it would be very helpful. For example, do you have any peripheral components (e.g. sensors) connected to DA14683? If yes, a good test would be to isolate the DA4683 and measure again the power consumption. 

    Thanks, PM_Dialog

  • SDK1.0.14

    After bit-banging the NVIC->ISER ( Interrupt Set-enable Register), I discovered that the interrupt waking my DA14683 every 3.9s is the XTAL16RDY_IRQn.  When IO disable that in my FreeRTOS idle hook, my DA14683 stops waking up. I am going to see if it can still advertise over BLE.

  • Hi Andrew, 

    Thanks for letting us know. Do you need any further support on this ticket? 

    Thnaks, PM_Dialog

  • Did you ever get a resolution for this?