undefined reference to `custs1_default_handler'

Hi all,

I recently had to move to Smartsnippets studio and therefore needed to use the default prox_reprter app and adapt for my uses. However, I always come upon this problem when compiling: 

undefined reference to `custs1_default_handler'

No matter what I do to the Custom services set up, I always hit this error in the prf.c file at:  

void prf_create_func(uint8_t conidx)
    uint8_t i = 0;

    // Simple connection creation handler - nothing to do
    struct prf_task_env *prf = (struct prf_task_env *)rom_prf_cfg.prf_env;

    // execute create function of each profiles
#if (BLE_CUSTOM1_SERVER) && !defined (__EXCLUDE_ROM_CUSTS1__)
        if (prf->id == TASK_ID_CUSTS1)
            // Defined in RAM space
            extern const struct ke_state_handler custs1_default_handler;

            // Override CUSTS1 default handler which has been registered by custs1_init().
            // The custs1_init() ROM function registers the handler which resides in ROM.
            rom_prf_cfg.prf_env->prf[i].desc.default_handler = &custs1_default_handler;
        // Get Profile API
        const struct prf_task_cbs *cbs = prf_itf_get(prf->id);

        if(cbs != NULL)
            // Call create callback
            cbs->create(prf, conidx);


Even though BLE_CUSTOM1_SERVER = 1 and __EXCLUDE_ROM_CUSTS1__ = 0, I cannot go any further.

Please help if you have encounted this problem before. Maybe if you have good "user_custs_config" & "user_cust1_def" files that may help too.

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