adding SUOTA service in firmware but going in platform_reset_func().

Hello there!

I am trying to add the SUOTA service in my ibeacon modified firmware.

i have included all SUOTA configuration as per prox reporter and tutorial with changing to undirected advertising by a flag condition. I have #define CFG_PRF_SUOTAR in user_profile_config.h

and it goes in platform_reset_func() while debugging. and if i see the uart logs it stops printing after rwip_schedule(); line no 399 in arch_main.c

log___1 and log___2 are visible.


__STATIC_INLINE void schedule_while_ble_on(void)
    // BLE clock is enabled
    while (ble_is_powered())
        //execute messages and events
#if defined (__DA14531__)

And if i comment the #define CFG_PRF_SUOTAR in user_profile_config.h the whole program runs very well without going to reset error.

please guide me about this, How can i add SUOTA service in my code and why this error happening.

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