DA14683: "Private Random Resolvable address using LE privacy v1.2" Issues


I am able to get the basic "Private Random Resolvable address using LE privacy v1.2" system running by following this thread: https://renesasrulz.com/wireles-connectivity/f/bluetooth-low-energy/21031/example-wanted-for-private-random-resolvable-addresses

but I am still having some issues:

Problems/Issues with "Private Random Resolvable address using LE privacy v1.2":

1) The bd address is not changing at regular intervals.  It doesn't matter what number I use for renew_dur with the ble_gap_address_set() function.  When there is no connection and no paired/bonded devices, the address does change, but only very rarely (many tens of minutes).

2) The bd address does not appear to ever change once a device is paired/bonded.

3) The ble_gap_address_get() always returns all 0s (00:00:00:00:00:00).  I can sniff the actual advertising packets and see that the address is being set, but that get function always returns 0s to the software.


1) How do I troubleshoot the issue where the address is not being updated at the expected intervals?  What sdk function is responsible for creating and updating the new random address?  Is there a callback that can be used to take an action when the address is updated?

2) Is the bd address supposed to still be changed/updated when there is an active paired/bonded device?

3) Is the ble_gap_address_get() supposed to work in this mode?  If so, how should I trouble shoot the issue where that function always returns all 0s?  If not, how am I supposed to determine what random address is presently assigned?

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